What is Different Concept?

Different Concept is a non-profitable organization based in Nepal, a registered charity in Sindhupalchok, Nepal.

How this NGO is formed?

This NGO is formed for the needy one of the remote areas of Sindhupalchok district, established on December 2014.

Why this NGO named Different Concept?

Everyone has their own perspective and views. We have different vision in comparison to others because we believe that together we can and together we care.

Why is this organization for?

This organization is for the needy one to make educated, let them to be aware about the health consciousness, let them to know about the environment conservation and let them realize that they are doing something good for the society.

Do we make a profit?

No we don’t. As this organization is non-profitable, we just make plans and implement it which is 100% transparent.

Anyone who wants to visit?

Of course you can visit our locations without any hesitation but you need to follow the instructions of our staff or representatives.

Where do we get our funds from?

We get some help from our Well Wishers, Doctors, Nurses, Teachers and Local volunteers who are giving their hands for the technical support which is praiseworthy.

How are the located place managed?

Located place are managed by the local representatives and the staff of the area where the board members go once a month to know the views and to decide what is needed to be done for the future program.

How are the volunteers managed?

Volunteers are managed by the program coordinator and the representatives.

How long do I have to sponsor this charity home?

Sponsorship is the backbone of the organization. Even your small contribution will make a big difference. We won’t ask you to sponsor for years and years but we prefer at least minimum of 12 months.

How can I make a donation?

You can donate in cash into the given account of ‘Different Concept’ bank account and also you can contribute through online as well.

How can I raise fund for this NGO?

From your small efforts many needy people will get a chance to fulfill their basic desire. If you are willing to do fundraising for us then please let us know via info@differentconcept.org so that we can give you the authority and documents.

How long can I stay as a volunteer?

You can live in Nepal according to the program and according to your visa limit.

What sorts of donation are required?

Medical equipments, school stationeries, 2nd hand computers and laptops, office equipments and clothes for the children.