‘Different Concept’ is a non-profitable NGO registered charity in Nepal, which works in the sector of health, education for children, environment conservation, sport activities and tourism.

Established on December 2014; working for the needy people of Sindhupalchok district, Listi VDC-3, Nepal.

This organization is focused on to help the needy people of the rural areas for the sake of humanitarian and to promote their lifestyle and to maintain equal standards in comparison to the whole Nepal.

Why this organization is formed

This organization is established due to  the great motive of some wonderful people, with big heart and positive attitude who think they can do together for the noble cause. Their thought and vision assembled to form this organization named ‘Different Concept’.

Single Penny counts

Donation received from the well-wishers, sponsors for the health camps, education and required materials provided by the supporters around the world go directly to the organization for the desired target we desire for. Every single Penny from fund raising will be in the organizations account which is 100% transparent. Your single Penny makes a huge difference

Are you ready for needy ones

  • Volunteers ( You are most welcome)
  • Sponsor for a charity home ( without your support and wishes it’s impossible)
  • Fundraise ( People with good vision does once in a life time)
  • Donate ( Every single Penny counts)

Together we can and together we care

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